QR Codes

What exactly is a QR Code and why should you be using it?

Great question…and one that many businesses are asking today.

QR Codes are simply bar codes that can send your customers information you want them to receive about your business. Many businesses send customers straight to their websites, to a VIP Text system, a video, or one of literally hundreds of ways to get  your coupons, information and products into your customers hands via their smart phones.

If you’d like to try seeing a QR Code in action now, you can follow these steps below. We’ve connected this QR code to a free 7-day training through your smart phone on the power of QR codes in your business. No worries! You can always unsubscribe by replying STOP to your message.

Check it out below and let us know if we can help set up your business with QR Code capabilities, which come complimentary as part of our text marketing and mobile-ready websites systems.

Step 1: Download a QR-Code Reader App on to your smart phone. Our recommendation is the I-Nigma app on the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. You can also download their app by going to www.i-nigma.mobi on your mobile. I-nigma will automatically identify your handset type, the you can download and install I-nigma.

Step 2: Open the I-Nigma app. The camera on your phone will be activated. Put the QR Code on this page within the dotted line box, and Ta-Dah! I-Nigma should pull the information from the QR code onto the next page. If you have the sound on your phone on, you may be able to hear a nice, “Ding!” letting you know it was successful.

Scan The QR Code With Your Smart Phone  *OR*
Text “7Days” to 1-512-861-6624

Step 2a: If your camera is not working, or you would rather just text in the keyword to the phone number we’ve set up for this course, feel free to do so. Simply text “7Days” to 1-512-861-6624 (US based number). Remember, message rates do apply.

Step 2b: If you’d rather take this course via email, no problem! We have you covered there too. Visit this page, and register for your free course.

Step 3:  I-nigma will let you know that it detected the SMS code “7Days” and our phone number. Below that message, you’ll see a button with the words “SMS”. Touch that link and it will immediately send the text to our phone number. Within a matter of a few seconds, you should receive the first lesson of our 7 Days to Mobile Marketing Success ready for you!