Day 1: What Is Mobile Marketing…And What Is It Not?

I’m not sure about you, but when I first heard about mobile marketing myself, my first thought was, “Hmmm.” My “Hmmm” stood for my uncertainty that mobile marketing could actually make a difference with the small business owners I was serving as a marketing strategist and consultant.

To be honest, it was one of the BIGGEST reasons I pushed away from Dennis when he introduced the idea of mobile marketing to me in early 2010. I just knew how frustrated I felt with spammy-like texts coming to my phone. “Could you use an EXTRA $1500 today? Click here:” Ick. I experienced spammy text marketing and just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that someone actually could want to receive texts from a business.

That was until I was sitting in Carrabba’s Italian Restaurant, one of my favorite chain restaurants, and the waiter asked me if I was interested in joining their VIP Text Marketing Club to receive a free dessert and additional coupons on a regular basis. I was very excited about that offer since I love Carrabba’s and knew this would be a great deal for me (I like deals, and I love eating there!) I instantly signed up and I instantly got a deal for my next visit – Buy 1 entree, get 1 entree free! I was hooked. :)

Then, I was at RedBox, a video rental kiosk company, and I found myself texting in their coupon code so I could get a free movie and other discounts. (I love movies!). I found myself getting sucked in.And. I!

I then realized, there is something to this mobile marketing thing…it’s getting me to my favorite chains and big companies, so how can this be used for the companies I serve? The small businesses that can really use this to their advantage to grow a loyal and steady stream of business? My mind went to work and now I can’t think of a smarter, more economical, and responsive way to grow your business.

So, what exactly is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is simple defined as marketing done through a mobile platform. This could be a cell phone, a smart phone, pr a tablet (iPad, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, etc.). There are numerous ways to marketing through a mobile device, but the 5 key strategies we will discuss during the next 30 days include:

1.Mobile-versions of websites
2.QR Codes
3.Text Marketing
4.Geo-location marketing

Both Dennis “Murph” and I have a passion to help businesses like yours never have another slow day again. That is exactly why over the next few days, we will be de-bunking a ton of myths that may be keeping you from experiencing a powerful level of success with mobile marketing. Getting these out of the way will allow you to really clear the air to then see what is possible for you.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Today, I’m going to share with you the biggest myth that is stopping so many business owners from using mobile marketing with their customers. Over the next 5 days, we’ll be clearing the air on the other 5 huge reasons business owners are staying stuck and are settling for dribbles of clients coming in and out of their business doors (virtually or otherwise)!

1. People don’t want to receive text marketing messages from business. Will I be seen as a Spammer?

Remember, my story above? It’s also a similar story to so many other consumers of products day in and out. We get excited about getting something from someone we know, like and trust through text!

Now, If you send unsolicited text messages that people did not request to receive, then you are in fact spamming people and subject to heavy fines. Let’s make this very clear: That is not what we suggest!

What we envision for you and for every single business owner out there, is to use permission/opt-in text marketing ONLY. When you use “permission based” text marketing, your customers are opting in to receive messages from you by text. And they always have the option to unsubscribe as well.

So, if you use a permission based texting platform to manage your text subscribers, you are running your text marketing system in a completely legal and respectful manner. Not to mention, you’ll be better received by your customers by not over-texting them like crazy.


First, take a look at the texts you are currently getting. Are you like me and getting texts from businesses that you know, like and trust? How about your friends and colleagues? Also, be sure and keep your eyes open for all types of mobile marketing happening in your communities – ads with QR codes, voiceover guys or radio guys/girls asking you to text “12353″ to a phone number/short code, texts that you want coming in, Apps that you check day in and out.

Then, head over to our Facebook page and share what you’ve found! We are creating a gallery of samples – so if you have a camera on your phone, feel free to take a picture of it, and upload it to our Facebook group if you so choose. We’d love to see it and connect with you!


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  1. Maruxa,

    Great post and I am really excited about this course and the information you are going to be providing! I think you are exact ally right when you distinguish between spammy and permission based marketing. Small business can benefit from this tremendously but they need to be educated on what works and what doesn’t. I am excited about the journey!

    • Dave, I am glad you’re here and gaining a lot already! We will be covering a ton during the next 30 days. Great to have you!

  2. Hello Maruxa! and welcome to 2012!
    You’re so right. I also was quite skeptical when I first had thoughts of applying Mobile Marketing to my businesses. Too often I’ve been spammed and, in an effort to unsubscribe, have been charged by my carrier ($15/mo for the luxury of knowing my horoscope!?)
    So it’s great to see that you’re pressing the concept of permission based marketing.
    I also appreciate the outline of the 5 key areas you’ll cover during the next 30 days. Looks intriguing. :)
    OK. On to day 2 (I’ve started a bit behind).


    • Michael, Great to have you here! Glad to hear that we are already supporting you in seeing new ways in which mobile marketing can impact your business. We really want to change the face of how this tool (and the strategies behind it) can be used to grow businesses with integrity. Looking forward to more opportunities to learn and discover mobile marketing with you and the rest of our community!

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